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docker nextcloud client

A simple nextcloud client that runs in a docker container.


docker build -t docker.asperti.com/paspo/nextcloudclient .

running via docker

docker run -d \
  -v "$PWD/nextcloud:/data" \
  -e "NEXTCLOUD_USERNAME=username" \
  -e "NEXTCLOUD_PASSWORD=password" \
  -e "NEXTCLOUD_URL=https://nextcloud.example.com" \
  -e "NEXTCLOUD_DIR=/data" \

running with docker-compose

this is a sample docker-compose.yaml:

version: "3"

    image: docker.asperti.com/paspo/nextcloudclient
    restart: unless-stopped
      - "$PWD/nextcloud:/data"
      - NEXTCLOUD_USERNAME=username
      - NEXTCLOUD_PASSWORD=password
      - NEXTCLOUD_URL=https://nextcloud.example.com
      - NEXTCLOUD_DIR=/data

you can run this with:

docker-compose up -d


ENV Default Description
NEXTCLOUD_USERNAME username Nextcloud username
NEXTCLOUD_PASSWORD password Nextcloud password
NEXTCLOUD_URL https://nextcloud.example.com Nextcloud instance URL
NEXTCLOUD_DIR /data Location of nextcloud data inside the container
NEXTCLOUD_DIR_CHOWN 1 If set to "1" the entire content of the $NEXTCLOUD_DIR is chown with user ID and GID
NEXTCLOUD_FORCE_TRUST If set to "1" the client will accept untrusted https connections
NEXTCLOUD_HTTPPROXY If set, this proxy will be used to connect to the nextcloud instance. The format is: http://server:port
NEXTCLOUD_UPLIMIT If set, upload speed will be limited. (KB/s)
NEXTCLOUD_DOWNLIMIT If set, download speed will be limited. (KB/s)
NEXTCLOUD_EXCLUDEFILE Path to a file, inside the container, which contains a list of excluded directories/files
NEXTCLOUD_UNSYNCFILE Path to a file, inside the container, which contains a list of remote unsynced folders (selective sync)
NEXTCLOUD_SILENT If set to "1", the client will run in silent mode, with a lot less log messages
NEXTCLOUD_SLEEP 30 Seconds of sleep time between every client runs
USER_NAME nextcloudclient Internal username used by nextcloud client
USER_UID 1000 Internal UID used by nextcloud client
USER_GID 1000 Internal GID used by nextcloud client


  • If you're using 2FA in nextcloud, please create an application-specific password.
  • It's very important to set correct UID & GID when running for an unprivileged user