Simple container for FTP+TLS+authentication
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Build Status

Simple container for FTP+TLS+authentication


docker build . -t


docker run -d --name my-ftps \
  -p 21:21 -p 20:20 -p 50000-50500:50000-50500 \
  -e "" \
  -v "$PWD/auth:/auth" -v "$PWD/ftpdata:/home" \
  -v "$PWD/certs:/certs" \

The MASQUERADE parameter is the only required one. You can use an IP address (which is discouraged) or a DNS name. You must provide valid certificates for TLS; if you use Lets'Encrypt, you can mofify like this:

docker run -d --name my-ftps \
  -p 21:21 -p 20:20 -p 50000-50500:50000-50500 \
  -e "" \
  -v "$PWD/auth:/auth" -v "$PWD/ftpdata:/home" \
  -v "/etc/letsencrypt/live/" \


version: "3"

    restart: always
      - "21:21"
      - "20:20"
      - "50000-50500:50000-50500"
      - "/srv/ftps/auth:/auth"
      - "/srv/ftps/conf:/etc/proftpd/custom.conf.d:ro"
      - "/srv/ftps/data:/home"
      - "/etc/letsencrypt:/certs:ro"
      - TLS_CERT=/certs/live/
      - TLS_KEY=/certs/live/
      - TLS_CHAIN=/certs/live/


Please note that you have to restart the container (or send sighup to proftpd) whenever the certificate is renewed. We mount the complete letsencrypt directory because the in live/ we have symlinks to the actual live certificates and in the container these will refer to non-existant files. Also FTP active mode doesn't work until you configure networking as "host".

users management

To change/set a password, do like this (replace "paolo" with the correct username):

docker exec -ti my-ftps ftpasswd --passwd --name=paolo --uid=1000 --home=/home/paolo --sha512 --shell=/bin/false --file=/auth/passwd

You also have to create and chown the user's home folder.