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# The OpenPDU project
This repo contains the source code for the main binary of the OpenPDU project.
OpenPDU is an OpenHardware and OpenSource project for a network-connected PDU.
The goal is to build a modular system than can be used to retrofit an existing 19" rack PDU to a real networked PDU. A secondary goal is the use of commonly available hardware, where possible, at least for the main controller.
## Hardware
The first iteration will cover the scenario of a retrofit of an existing (rack) power strip. In any case we'll keep separated the system into the following modules:
- DC power supply
- controller board
- power board
The power supply will power the controller and the power board, taking the power from the existing power switch (it's uncommon to have a rack power strip without a power button; in this case it's required to add a power button).
The controller board will be a commonly available one (let's say a Raspberry PI 2/3, Orange Pi, ...). The requirements are:
- capable of running linux
- at least 256mb of RAM
- ethernet port
- GPIO/i2c port
- (40pin connector? some orangepis have only 26)


@ -101,6 +101,16 @@ def getpower(outlet, json=False):
return JSON.dumps({'powerstatus':out,'outlet':outlet}) if json else msg
# class Abstract1( object ):
# """Some description that tells you it's abstract,
# often listing the methods you're expected to supply."""
# def aMethod( self ):
# raise NotImplementedError( "Should have implemented this" )
# class Cipo(Abstract1):
# pass
class BoardDummy(object):
channels = []